Some important notes, do and don’t regarding our car rental services.

  1. Customers must 24 years old and above.
  2. Customers are required to fill up the booking form from the Car Rental Ampang website.
  3. Please make the full payment before you get the car key.
  4. Customer will be fined RM50 per hour for the late return.
  5. Pay first before exceeding the rental period. Any late payment will be charge RM20 perday.
  6. We will save the documents for references.
  7. We can contact you anytime during rental period.
  8. No smoking in the car and RM200 penalty for any proof of smoking found in the car.
  9. Cannot use the car to transport huge and heavy goods.
  10. RM50 penalty if the car returned in dirty condition. Good car condition defined as it is ready to be rented by other customer.
  11. Smart Tag and Touch n Go card are not available in our service.
  12. Car fuel must be at same level when you take the car. Any shortage will be charged RM20 per bar.
  13. Please follow the traffic rules and law while renting the car. Don’t use it for any activity that breaks the law.
  14. Customer have to pay any summons, compunds and fines that was imposed during the rental period.
  15. Customer have to pay the cost for any damages and lost. Customer also have to pay the rental loss when the car cannot be rented during the repair period in the workshop (or other service centre).
  16. Security deposit will not returnable if:
    i. The car involved with any accidents.
    ii. The car involved with any damages that the company take charge to repair. If customer manage it by their own, the security deposit will be returned.
    iii. The rental not paid (for extend days).
    iv. The late payment (in extention case) more than one day.

If you had any emergency, call 011-1144 4212